GS Dog Supplies are a family run business providing knowledge and dog supplies for all canine companions. 

Whether it be fresh ideas for training or health related feeding tips, we are here to guide and enhance the dog/owner bond. Hence, we strive to provide all your dog supplies.

We pride ourselves on stocking only the best for your dogs health and nutrition. This is why we stock CSJ dog food and have hand crafted two specialised balms to help with your dogs overall health, skin condition and coat quality.
We love to pamper our dogs and provide a little extra TLC as a treat. As a result these balms were initially created, simply, to treat our dogs but consequently have been major winners amongst our pack. Certainly, each one of our dogs simply adores these products. For more information please see our Paw & Skin Balm and Sniffer Soother.
CSJ have collaborated with many well-known breeders, competitors, trainers, large kennel owners and show-bench exhibitors, as well as behavioural trainers, and as a result have produce one of the highest quality dog foods available in the UK.
Using only top quality, natural ingredients, the extensive range of CSJ has been developed to meet the specific needs of dogs of all ages – from conception right through to ‘retirement‘.
    • Rich in real chicken, lamb or salmon
    • Contains no GM ingredients
    • Made in the UK by DEFRA approved sites which adhere to stringent quality control & traceability systems
    • No artificial colours, additives or preservatives
    • Energy dense nutrition
    • Highly palatable and digestible
    • Little waste – No smell!
    •   No animal testing involved – apart from taste testing by our own kennel (and they don’t mind!)
GS Dog Supplies feed all our own dogs CSJ, as a trusted dog food brand. Therefore, we personally find it economical, meets all our dogs nutritional needs and doesn’t last two minutes at meal times.


Take a look at our bestsellers

CSJ Fishcuits! 180gm

Fishcuits training treats are made from 100% fish and are free from anything artificial.

CSJ Gnaw Rolls! 100gm

Ideal for reward while benefiting your dog’s oral health.

CSJ Dem Bones! 500gm

A completely natural treat for dogs containing effective levels of charcoal and herbs to help clean teeth, freshen bad breath and eliminate bad instances of dog gas.

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